Linktree updates
Linktree updates

Launch your Shopify store on Linktree to reach new customers and increase sales




Now people can shop your latest Shopify collections, most popular products, and holiday promotions, right on your Linktree. Add your Shopify store to your Linktree from the "⚡️ Explore Links" menu in your Links page.

Collect visitor contact details and messages with Form Links




With Form Links, you can create a contact form to collect your visitors' names, emails, mobile numbers, countries, and let them leave you messages. To create a Form Link, click the "⚡️ Explore Links" menu in your Links page. Submissions will be sent your email address.


Freshen up your Linktree with nine new, beautiful, free themes




There are nine new, hand-designed themes available for free in the Appearance page. The new themes are part of three families: Air, Lake, and Mineral.

The Lake Black and Lake White themes will use your profile image as an underlay. Try them out to get a fresh new look for your Linktree.


Give exclusive access to your links by requiring a secret code





If you have Linktree PRO, you can now require your visitors to enter a code to access specific links on your Linktree. Share your code with people to give them exclusive access to your content 🤫 Head to your Links page and click the 🔒 icon in a Link's settings to create your code. Learn more in the new support article here. You can view your plan and upgrade to PRO here.


Personalize your Linktree with new fonts and font colors





There are 21 new font options for you to choose from and you can now change the color of the font on your Linktree both in the Font and Buttons areas of your Appearance page.

These new font and color options are only available for our PRO customers. To upgrade to PRO, head here.

Get more streams with Music Links





Show your Linktree visitors everywhere an album or song is available to stream so no matter where they're located or their preferred service, they can listen to the music you share.

You can create a music link from the ⚡️ menu in your Links page.

See some of the artists already using Music Links, a how-to video, support documentation, and more in the Linktree we created just for Music Links..

Put social icons at the top of your Linktree to drive more traffic to your profiles





If you have social links on your Linktree, you can now put them at the top of your profile to get more clicks from your visitors. Head to your Settings page to try it out.

See and track your email and SMS signups





For our Pro users that collect email and SMS information on their Linktrees using our mailing list integrations, you can now track the number of email and SMS signups you get and view them by day, week, or month on the Linktree Analytics page (scroll to the bottom).

You can set up a mailing list integration in your Settings.

Additional analytics can now be exported





For our PRO users, we've added additional analytics to the export feature on your Analytics page.

Just head on over to that page, click the export icon, and we will email you a zip folder containing CSV files of your analytics.

Collect payments using PayPal





You can now connect your PayPal personal or business account to start accepting payments from visitors on your Linktree.

Just click the ⚡ button on your Links page and select a Support Me or Request link type to get started.