Infinite Scroll Links in Admin

Today we made a significant performance improvement for users with a lot of active and archived links. Links will now load on scroll, rather than all at once meaning everything will be a whole lot faster for you :)

New Email Account Sign up and Sign In

Today we've added functionality to allow you to sign up and sign in to Linktree with an email address and password, rather than only signing in via Instagram!

Leap Links

Today we added a really exciting new feature. Leap Links!

A Leap Link will send your visitors directly to one link , rather than to your Linktree profile, but it will still count the visitor in your Linktree analytics and Facebook audience integrations.

Learn more here

Amazon Influencer Program Links

We’re super happy to share that Linktree is now a trusted partner of Amazon! The collaboration means that through the Amazon Influencer Program, which thousands of Linktree users are a part of, you can now make your Amazon links even more visible and earn more commission.

Learn more here

International Womens Day Themes

Today, we're celebrating the power of women everywhere! Check out the new IWD theme, available for all users (Free and PRO) for 4 weeks. Enjoy!

Valentines Themes

Show your followers some love

It's February and there's no better excuse to spread love, the Linktree way. Our new custom themes are here for you. And this love is universal - they’re available for all Free and Pro users.

Holiday Themes

Seasons Greetings,

Today we added some fun and festive holiday themes for free and pro users. Get into the spirit of the holiday spirit. Tis the season!

Custom Background Images

Now you can upload your own image as background images for your profile in addition to choosing from over 500,000 royalty free images from Unsplash. Enjoy!

New Features! Link thumbnails and custom profile picture

One of our most requested features is finally here! You can now add images to your link buttons. When adding an image, you can upload your own or choose from your Instagram images to add to you links!

You can now also upload your own profile picture / avatar! You are no longer tied to having the exact same image as your Instagram profile.


Updates, improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue some users were experiencing with their profile images not displaying or updating correctly.

  • Increased security even further with link validations. In short, stopping naughty people trying to use Linktree for not cool things

  • Further updated analytics functionality and tracking and preparation for a big, special release coming soon.

  • Email signup feature can now change positions

  • Email signup feature will now mirror your mailchimp settings (if connected to Mailchimp) with regards to double opt-in emails.

  • Bunch of other under the hood fixes to improve speed and infrastructure (again)