Linktree updates
Linktree updates

New link types and all the analytics!


A whole new analytics suite for PRO users featuring:

  • Top Countries - See which countries your visitors are in.
  • Top Referrers - See where your visitors are coming before landing on your Linktree.
  • Download your analytics data in a CSV file.

Link Types

The beginning of a whole world of exciting link types.

  • Video Links - Embed Youtube videos directly in your Linktree with Video Links.
  • SMS Signup - Capture your visitors mobile numbers for SMS marketing.


  • Custom T&C's for Email Signup (And SMS Signup).
  • A bunch of fun new fonts.

Small but powerful

Today we launched a bunch of small but exciting updates to make your experience that little bit nicer!

  • Updated Admin Aesthetics
  • Added a ‘Copy link’ button on Mobile experience
  • Split admin ‘Settings’ page into ‘Appearance’ and ‘Settings’ for better Linktree management
  • New Login Flow for Instagram-account users to migrate your account due to Instagram deprecating their login API in June for all platforms (including us)

Donations Mode and a whole new website

Happy New Year!

This month we launched

  • Bushfire Appeal / Crisis mode feature to help our fellow Australian raise money for those effected by the bushfire crisis. Thank you to everyone that enabled the feature and helped raise much needed funds!
  • Migration to new customer support platform (chat widely available on website)
  • We did a thing and launched a whole new website!

Sensitive Content Warning

Today we launched the Sensitive Content Warning for both free and PRO users. The purpose of this feature is to enable users who are required by law, or other to warn their users about content they are about to see to be able to do just that!

You can now add a screen before visitors see your Linktree that will ask them to accept to see t he content. You can choose from a 18+, 21+, 25+ or Sensitive Content warning.

Themes, Icons and Charts

Today we added

  • a bunch of new themes to both free and PRO plan
  • New Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Amazon to Social Icons
  • CTR metric (Click Through Rate) to Analytics Charts for PRO users.


Today we launched the ability to have Emojis in Links and a whole heap of speedy updates to how everything works under the hood. Enjoy!

View and Click Analytics

Today we launched a whole new chart into the Links admin area for all users.

For free users, you can now see how many views your Linktree has received in total.

For PRO users, you can now see how many views your Linktree has received in total as well as your total clicks across all of your links + clicks per day and views per day for the past 7 days.

There are more metrics being added to this chart in the coming months too!

More info on how to best use these new insights can be found on our Blog Blog

A support article on the chart can be found here

Infinite Scroll Links in Admin

Today we made a significant performance improvement for users with a lot of active and archived links. Links will now load on scroll, rather than all at once meaning everything will be a whole lot faster for you :)

New Email Account Sign up and Sign In

Today we've added functionality to allow you to sign up and sign in to Linktree with an email address and password, rather than only signing in via Instagram!

Leap Links

Today we added a really exciting new feature. Leap Links!

A Leap Link will send your visitors directly to one link , rather than to your Linktree profile, but it will still count the visitor in your Linktree analytics and Facebook audience integrations.

Learn more here