Linktree updates
Linktree updates

Get help paying your payment processing fees





We know how much every cent counts when you're following your passion and there seems to be a cost to everything right? If you're using Commerce links you can now present your visitors with the option to pay a little extra to help you cover your payment platform processing fees.

It's super clear to your visitors what you're asking for so there are no surprises. We really hope it will give you that extra support where you need it most!

Learn more about it here

Add a video background to your Linktree





Video backgrounds

Always wanted a video of a sunset over the beach as your Linktree background? If you're a PRO user, you can now select a video background for your Linktree from a wide selection of videos provided by Coverr. Wanderlust, adventure, animals - you name it!

Head on over to the Appearance page, and scroll down to the Background section, to explore this new feature.

Display your products with a Spring embed





Embed your Spring store products on your Linktree

Sell your merchandise through Spring? You can now embed up to six Spring store products on your Linktree, so that your visitors can browse your top products from within your Linktree!

Learn more here.

New theme available!





We have a brand new theme available thanks to our collaboration with designer Luke John Matthew Arnold! Available for a limited time only, you don't want to miss out on this bubbly, fun choice. Go to your Appearance page and scroll down to Themes to find it!

Create a beautiful Linktree background with Canva





Design your Linktree and background images with Canva

Struggling to design a nice background image? You can now customize your Linktree background with Canva, with a selection of easy-to-use templates available. In addition, all PRO users are able to customise their Linktree background images using Canva.

Best of all, you don't even need to leave the Linktree dashboard to use this feature!

Enhanced analytics





Discover your average time to click

PRO users can now see the average time it takes for a visitor to land on their Linktree and click on one of their links. You can find these numbers in the analytics underneath each link, and on the Analytics page.

These metrics can even be broken down based on:

  • Device (e.g. desktop vs mobile);
  • Referrer (e.g. direct traffic vs Instagram); and
  • Country (e.g. visitors from Brazil vs visitors from America).

Learn more here.

Latest YouTube content





Embed your latest YouTube video in your Linktree

Want to your visitors to always see your latest and greatest video content?

Now when you create a new YouTube link, you can choose to embed your latest YouTube channel's video into your Linktree so your visitors can easily keep up with your freshest video content.

Supporting India during COVID-19





Support India banner

India has been hit hard by COVID-19. You can now add a "Support India" banner to your Linktree to show your support. The banner directs visitors to a Linktree page that collects money on behalf of UNICEF. These funds will be donated directly to communities in need in India during their fight against COVID-19.

Enhanced analytics tracking





Welcome to the next level of conversion tracking

For additional conversion tracking benefits, our PRO users can now add:

  • Google Analytics ID;
  • Tiktok Pixel ID; and
  • Facebook Pixel ID (plus Conversions API).

With the latest release of Apple's iOS 14.5 update, we recommend using the Facebook Conversions API to ensure accurate, server-side tracking.

Learn more here.

Clubhouse links are now available!





Embed your Clubhouse details into your Linktree

Running a Clubhouse room or event? You can now display useful information about them on your Linktree, like date and time, who the speakers are, and a description - without your visitors needing to click off your Linktree to discover this! Have a Clubhouse profile or club? You can also display more information directly on your Linktree.

Learn more here.